30th April 2022.

Yesterday's trip started well, I had a sized bass in the first 5 minutes. 

There was a couple of small pollack on the flood that got put back and seven more sized bass. On the high water I had a couple of very small bass and thought that was going to be it for the trip, then this beauty grabbed one of the lures.

I did a bit of the ebb for a couple more sized ones and packed up with 11 keepers.

You can see the size of the big one when it's laid next to another sized fish.

It tipped the scales to 7 1/2 pound! (3.4 kilos).

It might take a few weeks to beat that one, cracking fish!

Put on ice on their backs, covered with plastic and iced over until they go to market.

Looking forward to seeing what comes up today. Might have to try one of my chunky lead head lures, the big fish like them. 

The forecast couldn't be better, loving all the white and light blue boxes!

Looking good for at least a week still.

"Boy Nathan" did the early morning ebb up the stones this morning, he only had the one bass but had a decent 20 kilos of pollack. He's informed that I forgot to put my punt away lastnight, I left it tied to the steps. Luckily it had enough rope to not sink at high water! 

I'll be afloat and away again at 3 o'clock. 


29th April 2022.

Bass were just under £16 per kilo this morning and small pollack £3.49, good prices.

Here's the full list from Newlyn:-

I went up the stones yesterday as soon as I floated on the flood. There were quite a few marks close to the bottom, but for the first hour all I had was 4 small pollack. The next fish was an undersized bass that went back to grow bigger.

About an hour before high water I had the first sized one, quite a slender fish.

As the tide eased off the fish came up in the water and started feeding. 

I had a few more pollack, three more undersized bass and nine more keepers. That's my season started 🐟🙂🐟.

As the tide started ebbing the fish stopped feeding, the marks were still there up in the water but they wouldn't touch the lures. I went through the marks for an hour for nothing. There was about an hour left before I needed to steam for the moorings so I tried a different spot a bit to the east. It was a good move, pulled in some nice sized pollack (4 pounders) and one more sized bass.

I ended up with 11.5 kilos of bass.

There was 6.5 kilo of 0-1 pollack and 11.5 kilos of 1-2's.

Only 2 of the bass were under a kilo, the other 9 came to 10 kilos.

A very enjoyable good days work 👌

Going back up there to see what today brings. 

Tight lines 🎣 🎣. 


28th April 2022.

The bass price is getting more like it at £16 per kilo for 0.5-1's.

Looks like the hake netters (I'm guessing) had 18 boxes of big mackerel on the market.

Here's all the weights and prices:-

The latest from windguru:-

Couldn't ask for a better long-range forecast, bring it on!

Off out now to give my Redgill Evolutions a swim 🐟🐟🐟

27th April 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

This morning's market prices at Brixham:-

Looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow on the afternoon fleeting at 2 o'clock. Decent sized tides for bassing.

The fresh easterly is on it's way out today. 

Shouldn't need to worry about the weather stopping play for at least a week.

Plan 'A' tomorrow is to bass on the flood and get the pots done on the ebb. It's going to be an interesting week ahead. 

🐟🐟 🦞 🐟🐟.

26th April 2022.

P.M. update.....

There were a couple of boxes of bass up for auction this morning. A decent £2.81 for small pollack and £10.12 for medium mackerel if you can find any 💰  💸 .

Here's all of this morning's prices and weights from Newlyn:-

No prices from Brixham yet.


While I was doing the pots on Sunday, Dave on the "Boy Nathan" couldn't find any mackerel and ended up trying the stones. He had a few pollack and 4 sized bass. 

That's the best so far this season for a St Ives boat.

Not for long 😀.

I was hoping to go up there yesterday but the east southeasterly wind was just a bit too fresh on the flood. It'll have to wait until Thursday or Friday now. With the mackerel being nearly non existent, my option was either go home or go west on the pollack, so I went west. Its was quite nice and sheltered past the carricks and there was a few fish there. All but one were a bit under a kilo. Hopefully they are still £3.00 for 0-1's and I made a wage.

The tally was 32 kilos.

There were no auction prices available yesterday from Newlyn or Brixham, hopefully I'll be able to aquire today's in a bit.

I'm going to have a day in the garden getting some more pots ready.

Here's the latest from windguru:-

Busy weekend coming up 🎣 🎣. 

Tight lines 🐟🐟🐟.

April 24th 2022.

I was putting a few more pots onboard this morning as a few of the mackerelers were coming in early, the top boat fitted their catch in a bucket!

I did the few on porthminster point first, not a good start, first pot took 5 minutes to pull out of a hitch and only had a few small spider crabs in it. The next had lots of spiders and a decent sized lobster. 

Shame it was berried, they were turning reddish which I think means they are getting closer shedding/hatching. She was in good shape and shot off with a couple of flicks of her tail. 🦞 

From there it was up east. Hauled a dozen in a bit deeper water for five keepers and a couple of undersized throw backs.

Then it was the few in the shallows which produced another three keepers. 

I was going to try the pollack/bass before making the moorings but didn't have enough time left to make it worth while setting up for. I'll have a full tide on it tomorrow if the southeasterly doesn't freshen more than predicted. 

The 8 lobsters came to 5.5 kilos.

The long-range forecast is looking really nice and settled, going to be busy.

The tides are building to a smallish spring, my favourite for polling, looking forward to giving it a good go tomorrow.



22nd April 2022.

I managed to get everything done quick enough yesterday to go and have a couple of hours mackereling before dark lastnight. It wasn't very exciting, long spells of nothing and then a couple of string fulls. Dave on the 'Boy Nathan' was the only other boat out, he had about 20 kilos and I ended up with 15.

Needed to get fuel so ran them into Newlyn.

A couple of kilos of large mediums, 9 of medium and 4 of small, only £40 worth at this morning's prices. 

Sunday is looking better than it was on the latest update from windguru. Hopefully I'll be able to get the pots done and maybe a bit more mackereling/pollacking. 🐟 🦞 🐟

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

This morning's prices at Brixham:-

Tight lines 🐟🐟🐟

21st April 2022.

P.M. update.....

Only 4 kilos of bass on the market this morning. Thought there might have been more as I've seen quite a few Facebook posts today from angling groups having some good catches around the coast. Mackerel fetched a good price as did small pollack. 

Here's all the weights and average prices:-

Did the low water yesterday and tried the mackerel for the first hour and a half. It was hard going with just the odd one or two now and again. 

The wind eased off so I went down the western carricks (seal island) to see if it was any better. Only had two mackerel down there but the pollack kept me busy. Had a box and a bit in a couple of hours. Mostly 0-1's but there were a few better ones.

They went quiet when the tide started flooding so I trundled back up while gutting to try the mackerel again off Porthmeor. 

There was a bit more life than on the ebb, had some string fulls. There were smalls up in the water and better stuff down deep. Ended up with 58 kilos.

33 kilos of good stuff and 25k of small. 

It was a slow start but turned out to be a decent day's work. 

I can't go today and it's looking like a weekend off to catch up with paperwork and pot repairing. Fresh northeasterly on the way.

Better next week, especially the first couple of days. I'll get the pots done and a few more out on Monday if the forecast is right. 

Nice small tides for hauling gear.

I'll post the fish prices in a bit if they are available.


20th April 2022.

This morning's market prices from Newlyn 

I tried the mackerel yesterday evening for an hour and a half before dark.

It was slow going, only had 9 kilos. 

Off out to do the low water today. I'll try the mackerel again first and see how it goes from there. 


19th April 2022.

P.M update........

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Had a few good sized lobsters yesterday, the biggest weighed in at 1.6 kilos (3 1/2 lb).

Not everything went to plan. While I was doing the dozen pots in a bit deeper water I saw that the first 3 pots in the shallows weren't where I put them. When I shut them I noticed that I'd missed the roughest ground and with the big tide they went for a walk. The end was about 10 yards from the lighthouse ladder.

It looked too iffy to try and get with rocks just under the water either side of it a couple of hours before low water so I went and did the other ones.

Hauled in a lot of tide but the electric hauler handled it fine. Went back to the one that had moved and it wasn't looking so bad in there, managed to get it all aboard in a bit of a mess. Had it sorted out and back in the water with some extra end weight in half an hour. Then it was back to porthminster point to haul the resident 3 pots. Had one sized lobster in the middle pot. 

That made 6 keepers for a decent 1 kilo average weight. 

Some of the mackerel men had a bit on the early tide so I gave it a go until the tide was back in the harbour. Had 22 kilos in a couple of hours. The first couple of string were small but after that it was mostly good stuff.

6 kilos of small.

16 kilos of good.

The mackerel prices should be good, hasn't been much caught over the bank holiday weekend. I'll post all the price up in a bit if I can get them. Think I'll give them another go on the fleeting. 

Here's the latest update from windguru:-

Next week's prediction:-


17th April 2022.

No fishing boats out over low water this morning, lots of tripping boats out "in the roads" though. 

A couple of mackerelers have turned up to go on the fleeting, I'm going to wait until tomorrow and get the pots done over low, then poll or mackerel. Looks like it's going to be quite a nice day.

 Hopefully there has been a few 🦞 🦞 on the move.


16th April 2022.

No market until Tuesday. I might go on the fleeting tomorrow and try the mackerel or bass. Plan to do the low water on Monday and get the pots done.

Looking fairly settled on the long-range forecast. 



14th April 2022.

I took a few more pots out with me yesterday on the fleeting, some of the early low water men were coming in with 2 or 3 boxes of mackerel. One had been pollacking and had about 200 kilos. I shut the pots off and went polling up the stones. Much better conditions than the day before, no wind at all, didn't have to keep my hands on the wheel all the time. There were plenty of marks on the meter. 

I was working one blue and white incase there were any bass about and one glitter bomb. Didn't see a bass but the pollack were coming up regularly. 

Two thirds were 0-1's but there were a few good ones, the best being 5lb gutted

No auction prices from Newlyn or Brixham yet, I'll add them later if I can get them. Hopefully the pollack fetched the same as yesterday for the smalls and my bit comes to £100.

Here's the latest from windguru:-

And the prediction for next week:-

There were a few bass caught to the west yesterday, some on mackerel lines but they were undersize. Anglers have been having small ones from the shore as well. Hopefully there will be some good ones turning up soon. The spring tide that's on its way might help. 

Tight lines 🐟🐟🐟

13th April 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Small pollack £3.30, mackerel 86p, £7.30 and £11.37. Good prices.

I went on the fleeting yesterday, one of the low water mackerel men came in with hardly any mediums in the bit that they had. Think the top boats only had 3 boxes.

The pots that weren't on the rough off porthminster point were coming up with plenty of undersized spiders, the good ones don't fit in my 6" entrances. 

The few that were on the rough had 5 lobsters, only 2 were size though. Plenty of velvet crabs coming up as well. One pot had a doubler 🦞 🦞. 

Only 1.2 kilo, next haul will be better now they are all on decent ground.

I tried polling for an hour and a half after shutting back up east, there was quite a fresh breeze by then making it hard work. Had a few pollack but no bass.

The latest fromWindguru:-

I'll have a go at the polling today and take another half a dozen pots with me. 


12th April 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Off out to see what's in the pots and then try the pollack/bass.


11th April 2022.

This morning's average market prices at Newlyn:-

£22.50 for 2+ kilo bass this morning and the pollack prices are ok as well. I should have a couple of hours to have a go at them after moving the pots tomorrow. Bit more of a southerly breeze than first predicted :-

Tides for the week:-

🐟 🦞 🐟.

10th April 2022.

The mackerel men didn't have much yesterday morning, just a couple of boxes of small stuff. I stuck to the plan and polled up the stones over the low water even though the "Boy Nathan" tried it Friday morning for no bass, 4 half decent pollack and plenty of throw back ones.

There were plenty of marks in the usual places, some of them looked quite promising. 

After a couple of hours catching small pollack with the occasional sellable one it happened, I caught my first bass of the season 🐟 🥳 🙂.

It went for the glitter bomb over the blue and white Redgill evolution. 

5 minutes later I thought the blue and white had caught a bigger one but it turned out to be a hard scrapping coalfish.

That was it for bass but I found a spot with some better pollack on it and ended up keeping 17 fish for 25 kilos.

Plenty of tight lines stopped me getting bored and resorting to mackereling. No wind, lots of sunshine and a wage, really enjoyed the trip.

Still looking good for moving the pots back up east on Tuesday. 

The BBC long-range forecast which goes up as far as Saturday 23rd gives it settling into a light to moderate east southeasterly, so no ground sea on the horizon, great.


8th April 2022. 

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Hardly and mackerel or pollack on Newlyn market this morning making their prices sky high.

My plan was to move the pots back up east tomorrow and try the bass for a couple of hours. Spent lastnight making up new polling lines and sorting through my tackle box which has given me a bit of bass fever 🐟🐟 🤒 😀.

So the new plan 'A' is to leave the pots where they are tomorrow and do all the late low water bassing. Made my mind up lastnight, opened Facebook this morning and this day last year was when I had my first for the season, its a sign!!! 😄

The breeze and the wave hight are dropping all through the day tomorrow, the evening flood tide should hopefully see a fish or two 🤞. 

It's a small tide tomorrow so I'm not expecting lots of action but hopefully a couple of decent sized ones along with a few pollack maybe. 

Tuesday is looking good for moving the pots back and getting a few more out. It's settling down from then for a while. 

Here's hoping for some tight lines tomorrow and not just from hitches!


7th April 2022.

Here's the latest update from windguru, still looking good for a trip on Saturday:-

Looks like there will be a couple of good days next week as well.

No prices from Newlyn yet but here's Brixham's:-

🦞 🦞 🦞. 

6th April 2022.

This morning's average market prices at Newlyn:-

Brixham's prices:-


5th April 2022.

The "Boy Nathan" was the only boat to try the mackerel yesterday evening, he had 8 kilos of good stuff out of a total of nearly 40 kilos. He had the same amount this morning with only 4k of good stuff. As far as I know they aren't catching any on the south coast so hopefully the prices are sky high for him.

Haven't been able to get the Newlyn prices yet but here are Brixham's:-

I'll post Newlyn's later if it's available. 

Glad I put my few pots safe as anything over the 3 meter wave hight on windguru and my light gear seems to find the hitches on the shallow ground.

It's building up a bit tomorrow:-

Looking at the forecast for next week, I'll be moving them back on Saturday:-

In the meantime I'll be working on getting some more ready. Spent some more of the profit before the new tax year starts tomorrow 🙂.

Hope to have 50 pots in the water this year to give me a wage when the bass are quiet. There were a few on the market lastnight, think they were caught by a Cadgwith fisherman, 7.5 kilos which included a nice fish of 2.7 kilos. So there are a few about.

Here's the tides for the next 7 days:-

🌊🐟🎣 🦞  Tight lines 😀.

3rd April 2022.

Did the low water yesterday with the main objective to put the pots safe. Plenty of small mullet in the harbour as I was coming off the moorings on the ebb. 

Thought I'd try the bass up the stones first and leave the pots until slack water. Got up there and metered all my ebb tide spot and didn't see a single mark. Didn't bother putting the lures out and went a bit further east where I sometimes have a few pollack and mackerel. As soon as I dropped the line I had a pollack that spat its breakfast out.

Had quite a few small ones but ended up only keeping three and a couple of mackerel. 

Hauled the dozen pots I had at Godrevy for 3 sized lobsters and quite a few undersized ones. Brought them back across the bay and shut them just outside of the half a dozen I have on porthminster point, did those ones for one more keeper. 

The 4 keepers came to 2.2 kilos.

Hung them over the side and tried the mackerel for an hour.

Only had half a box, they weren't the best of size either.

Might be moving the pots back east on the weekend and getting a few more out but there is a lot of uncertainty in the long-range forecast at the moment. 

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

And from Brixham:-

The latest from windguru:-

Changing all the time though. 

🌊 🦞 🐟 🦞 

1st April 2022. 

Yesterday's northerly blow put paid to any mackerel catches from the north coast and there wasn't much from the south coast either, just a couple of boxes.

Here's the list of weights and prices:-

Lobsters on Brixham's market were up around the £28 per kilo mark again. Don't know why mine only went for £17 on Newlyn yesterday, they were bidding higher this time last season. It was a convenient landing as it was the wrong day for my London buyer and no weather to store them in the bay. I've been told that Harvey's in Newlyn are up around the £28 mark at the moment so that will be the option next time. 

Brixham's prices:-

Luckily the window in the weather on Sunday looks nailed on now and I'll get the pots done again and put in a safer spot.

The prediction for next week is looking colourful at the moment. 

On a plus side the tides will be a lot smaller by the time the wave hight increases. 

Tight lines!

🐟🐟🐟 🦞. 

31st March 2022.

I went and did the few pots I have out yesterday (18). I was just hoping for a couple of sized lobsters as I only had one undersized one last haul.

The first 3 pots came up with 5 lobsters, 2 were undersize and 3 were keepers!

Did the other 15 pots for another 11 lobsters, 4 undersized, 2 berried hens and 5 more keepers 🦞🦞🙂.

8 lobsters came to 5.4 kilos.

I put them on the market lastnight, they fetched £17.21 per kilo this morning. 

Dave on the "Boy Nathan" was on the mackerel, he had a couple of boxes of mediums amongst them, the average price this morning for them was £4.13, nice!

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Sunday is still looking good for another haul and the first try on the bass over low water:-


30th March 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

And Brixham:-

🐟 🦞 🐟.

29th March 2022.

The mackerel men had the same run of fish yesterday as Sunday, 9/10 small.

Looking nice out there today but I'll have to wait until tomorrow due to other commitments. 

Windguru has been changing at least a couple of times a day but tomorrow has been looking good for a haul all along and the quick blast from the North isn't looking so bad now. 

Plan "A" is to shut back where they are tomorrow for another haul on Sunday. I've got a few more pots ready to go but they can wait until its a bit more settled. If the forecast is right for Sunday I'll be doing the low water and filling in the time either side of the potting by stretching the bass poles out for a couple of hours, it's gotta be done 🐟🤞😀.

(Having seen other forecasts for the weekend, windguru might be being a bit optimistic 😀).

Here's this morning's market prices from Newlyn, it confirms the bad run of mackerel. With only a bit over 500 kilos of mediums from all of the boats, the average price of £2.38 isn't very good, maybe the majority of them are at the low end of the grade 200g-330g.

Here's Brixham's auction details from this morning's market. 

Tight lines 🐟🐟🐟🎣. 

28th March 2022.

From what I heard the run of mackerel yesterday wasn't good. One boat had 140 kilos with only 14 kilos of good stuff.

There's a few out over the early low water today, I'm going to stick to getting pots ready.

No prices from Newlyn yet but here are Brixham's:-


27th March 2022.

Quite a few boats out on the mackerel this morning, haven't found out what they had yet, but I expect they have done alright. 

Plenty of gannets working between Hawks Point and the Barr bouy. 

Still looking good for the second haul Tuesday or Wednesday, I might be tempted to mackerel tomorrow. 

Next week's wave hight prediction has diminished to less than 2 metres which is good news for shutting back.

Tides for the week ahead:-

Tight lines 🐟🐟🎣. 

25th March 2022.

It was bloody lovely at sea yesterday, a taste of what's to come.

I took another 8 pots out with me and put the resident three on the Eastern Carricks. Had some good hauls there last season.

Went up Godrevy and shut the rest in shallow now the ground sea has subsided. Hauled the first 5 that I shut last week in deeper water and the last one aboard had a lobster, it was just undersize so went back to grow a bit.

Hauld the last 5 hoping for a decent sized one but it wasn't to be. One of the pots was hitched solid for a good 10 minutes before coming free and bullhuss had been stealing some of the baits, had a couple come up, sly eyed bloody things

I'm more confident for the next haul, got them in where I want them, less tide and a lot flatter sea. Still a bit early though.

I had a few hours before mooring up time so had a quick look around the stones for pollack. There were some good marks in one spot but I only had 3 small pollack from it. I was only trying  with my mackerel line, which I've had 4 boxes on there in the past, maybe they they were bass 🤔. Only one more week to go and we are allowed to catch them again 🙂.

The early mackerel men have been catching well so I spent the last couple of hours trying that and failed!

Couldn't find any good marks or fish, ended up with a measly 10 kilos.

It could have been worse, just look at that sea

Bit fresher for the next few days so I'll be in the garden mending some more pots.

I'll be hauling again on Monday or Tuesday. The ground sea might be starting to come back next weekend, something to keep an eye on.

Here's this morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Just seen the update from windguru and it's giving the wave hight peaking at 6.7 metres next weekend.

Could and often does change nearer the time but looks like I'll be keeping the pots up east onboard or they will be joining the resident 3 at Porthminster point on Tuesday. 🌊🌊🌊


24th March 2022.

Off to have the first haul of the year 🦞. 

A lot more mackerel on this morning's market but the price was still pretty good. 

Here's this morning's auction from Newlyn:-

Just seen the update from windguru for next weekend, could and quite often does change but it's now showing a wave hight peaking at 6.7 🌊🌊🌊

The pots up east will stay on the boat or join the resident 3 at Porthminster point on Tuesday. 


23rd March 2022. 

£8.00 per kilo for medium mackerel this morning.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn and Brixham:-

I've got another eight pots made/mended to take with me tomorrow. I'm going to do the low water, did plan to go pollacking before and after doing the pots but looking at the price of mackerel I might do that instead. It's definitely looking like the best day of the week weather wise. 

Small tides, should be a couple of lobsters venturing out of their holes.

Should get a couple more hauls in close next week before the calm spell comes to an end.

Tight lines! 🐟 🦞 🐟.

22nd March 2022.

Off to put my electric hauler onboard ready for Thursday. Hopefully it's still working 🤞.

Only mackerel prices from Newlyn, not sure what the 1kg+ is at the top, a glitch in the data today:-

Here are Brixham's:-

The latest for the next few days from windguru:-

March 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

20th March 2022.

A few more days of pot making and repairing ahead while we have this fresh southeasterly. 

Plan "A" is to take a few more with me on Thursday and have the first haul for the season. 10 pots on a 7 night lay should hopefully see the first lobster of the season 🤞.

I'll have to dig my sun hat out as well 🌞. 

The long-range forecast has been changing quite a bit but at the moment I could be hauling again on Monday week. After that there is a hint of it going southwesterly so I will be keeping a close eye on the wave hight.

Look at the sunset time, 7.55pm. My time of the year! I don't function so well in the mornings 😴.

I started the same day last year.

They had a 5 day soak but only had 2 throw backs. The next haul on the 4th April I had 7 keepers.


18th March 2022.

I got the first couple of short strings ready and on the boat yesterday. 

Half a dozen new ones and four mended ones. There was a bit more ground sea than I would have liked but its heading in the right direction on the long range forecast. I shut them up east on the evening high water. Dave on the "Boy Nathan" was out trying the mackerel but only found a couple of kilos. The morning low water men had quite a bit.

We have got a fresh southeasterly for a few days now.

Gives me time to get some more pots ready to take with me on the haul. They are going to have a good long soak, looks like I'll be hauling Wednesday or Thursday. 

I was told that the big amounts of large mackerel that have been on the market lately were caught by the hake netters. Only 30 kilos of big ones on the market this morning, too much tide for the netters or they just didn't have any.

Here's all the average prices and weights from this morning's auction at Newlyn:-

And the tides:-

🐟 🦞 🐟 Tight lines 🎣. 

17th March 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Off to shut a few pots this afternoon. 🦞 🦞 

16th March 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Medium mackerel averaged £2.62 and the large mediums only averaged £2.11. To me that screams of some bad sorting going on or the data is incorrect. I saw some of the early morning low water fish being landed yesterday and they didn't look a good run. I went on the fleeting and had a few short drifts, they weren't there when I tried, had about 20 fish, none of them would have made the 200g medium size.

Time to get a few pots out. 🦞 🦞 

15th March 2022.

This morning's average market prices at Newlyn:-

Looks like someone netted nearly a thousand kilos of large mackerel. Line caught mediums fetched more than them which is good to see. Im going to put the pot making on hold today and try to catch a box or two at those prices. Will update tonight or in the morning. 

Windguru latest:-

14th March 2022.

There's a couple of boats out on the earlier low water and quite a few now going on the fleeting. With only 400 kilos of mackerel on the market this morning, mediums were averaging nearly £100 per box.

Here's all the prices and weights from the Newlyn auction this morning:-

13th March 2022.

A couple of boats went today but came back in quite quickly, I'm guessing that the water was too murky and they weren't catching. 

I plan to do a gear and engine oil change tomorrow, might be tempted to try the mackerel afterwards for a couple of hours over the high water.

In the meantime the pot making is trundling along, number 8 built from scratch is nearly finished:-

🦞 🦞 🦞 

12th March 2022.

The latest from windguru:-

Looking at the long-range the first lot of pots are staying in the garden for a bit longer yet.

Tides for the week:-

11th March 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

This morning's market prices at Brixham:-

10th March 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Over 4 tonnes of small mackerel?  Must have been netted I imagine if the info is correct. 

Here's the prices and weights from Brixham:-

Quite a few boats went on the mackerel this morning, some gave up early but the ones that stuck it out had 100 to 200 kilos each, mostly good mediums.

9th March 2022.

Only mackerel prices from Newlyn this morning. Maybe nothing else was landed?

Plenty up for auction at Brixham though, including lobsters at over £30 per kilo.

Looking good tomorrow morning for anyone that's keen.

The long-range forecast keeps changing, but looking at the moment like a few pots might go out next week.

🐟 🦞 🐟

8th March 2022.

Mainly mackerel and pollack on auction this morning at Newlyn. 

A lot more variety at Brixham. 

The latest from windguru:-

Next week's prediction:-


7th March 2022.

Did a couple of jobs on the boat yesterday before it floated, nearly didn't bother going to sea but 4 others turned up so I decided to go. Went out deep, the water was quite murky but I was having 4 or 5 fish on the bottom hooks fairly regularly and filled a box in about an hour. 

The run wasn't as good as it normally is out there, only one large medium.

Half mediums and half good smalls.

I was hoping that there would be none on the market but the Falmouth side boats had about 650 kilos of mediums and a few large mediums in the fridge. They should still be good money this morning, I'll post the prices if I can get them later.

Back to the pot making for me, it's warmer!

P.M. update....

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

This morning's market prices at Brixham:-


6th March 2022.

The wind has eased off for a bit.

The boat will float at about 4.30 so I'll go and give the mackerel a try for an hour or so.

I don't think there's going to be much on the market, maybe a bit from the south coast so the prices should be good tomorrow. 

Still plenty of wave hight on the long-range forecast so trying a few pots will have to wait for a while yet.


4th March 2022.

Medium mackerel averaged £1.84 this morning. 

This morning's average market prices at Newlyn:-

Some of the boats went early yesterday morning and had between 4 to 8 boxes per man and made water back in. Quite a few went again on the fleeting and had a similar amount.

Here's this morning's prices from Brixham's auction:-

3rd March 2022.

The macs are back, there were plenty caught over low water and on the fleeting yesterday. I tried close to the harbour to start with but only had a few herring and small medium mackerel. Went out deeper and there was some good stuff. Ended up with a half decent landing for two hours fishing.

Only a quarter of it was small and most of them were nearly mediums.

Nice to make a landing, it's been a while.

I'll post the prices if I can get them in a bit. I think we will be lucky to see £3 for mediums this morning with the amount thats been landed. 🐟🐟

P.M update... the mediums averaged £2.66, which isn't too bad considering there was over 2 tonnes up for auction.

Here's Brixham's as well:-

2nd March 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Two or three boats went out early this morning, one made water in against the quay, haven't found out if they had much yet. I had a message yesterday telling me that my transducer had been broken off so I went down lastnight with my full toolbox (cable ties and tape) and fixed it back on. I'm going to go and make sure it's still working and hopefully catch a few mackerel on the fleeting.

I've had a few messages asking if I can keep posting Brixham's prices so here are this morning's:-

1st March 2022.  

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Only 7 boxes of mackerel on the market this morning, averaging £7.29 for mediums. Here's the latest update from windguru:-

I expect a few might go on the flood today, tomorrow afternoon is looking good as well, wind going light, big tide and hopefully a bit clearer water.

Freshening up again next week:-

Lobsters around the £30 per kilo mark again this morning on Brixham market :-

🐟 🐟 

28th February 2022.

Everyone is staying on their moorings today, don't blame them, it's grim out there. Dave on the "Boy Nathan" gave it a good try yesterday but being the only boat out he had the seals following him everywhere. There were still fish marks but he didn't get much out of them. The water was still too murky for decent catches. He had 27 fish and nearly all of them were small.

No fish prices available yet today, I'll post them later if I can get them.

Only 20 more days until it's officially spring, bring it on! I'm craving a lobster sandwich 🙂

27th February 2022.

I heard that one boat came out of Hayle yesterday and tried the mackerel for 3 hours for just half a box. Only one boat has bothered going from St Ives today, the "Boy Nathan". The water is still quite murky but I recon he will have a bit and they will fetch good money tomorrow. I'm busy with other stuff but will have a look on Wednesday if I have time.

The tides are jumping up quickly this week, big spring.

Tight lines 🐟 🎣. 

25th February 2022. 

This morning's average market prices at Newlyn:-

No mackerel at all on Newlyn market this morning. I did find out a few prices from yesterday's market for the bit that was caught on Wednesday. Good stuff was £5.00 to £7.00 per kilo and smalls were £2.00 to £4.00! Even though the sample was 75% small they averaged out at £100 per box!

As far as I have seen no one has bothered to go today. Think it was still quite fresh first thing, it's Friday (they wouldn't be auctioned until Monday) and it is looking quite murky. 

I expect a few will go tomorrow, it's going to be fresh but offshore. 

Looking further ahead:-

24th February 2022.

23rd February 2022.

A few boats went on the mackerel this morning. The water was quite thick but they still had a box or two each. The run wasn't good, 3/4 small.

No prices from Newlyn this morning but the few mackerel on Brixham fetched a high price.

I expect a few will go on Friday and Saturday, I'll get back into it from Sunday. 

A hint of a bit more settled weather as March starts.

11.30am start for me on Sunday, perfect!

22nd February 2022. 

A few cock crab and lobsters fetched a huge price on Brixham market this morning. I'm looking forward to the potting season starting. 

Here's the latest from windguru. 

I expect there will be a couple of boats trying the mackerel in the morning. Tight lines 🐟🐟🦭🦭.

21st February 2022.

Nothing to report on the fishing front today, not even any prices from Newlyn or Brixham this morning. The pot making continues, at a bit slower pace since yesterday when I had a drill bit break under force and the remaining piece went into my thumb. It's a good excuse not to do too much work 😄.

20th February 2022.

The ground sea is going to peak tonight at nearly the same hight as it did during storm Eunice.

Pretty sure the water is going to be well stirred up by Wednesday morning when the wind eases for a short while.

Doubt I'll be bothering to go all week, expect a few will try the early tide on Wednesday.  

Fleeting at 6.15am for the early hopefuls.

18th February 2022.

Three boats made the most of the last bit of calm weather yesterday afternoon in the bay over Hawks Point.

I didn't find out how much they had but they were circling on fish and stuck it out for quite a while. I imagine the prices were sky high on Newlyn this morning, haven't been able to get them again but Brixham's were available :-

I don't think there's going to be much fishing done until Tuesday or Wednesday next week, by which time the water could be far too murky to catch on the hooks. Plenty of time to make some more lobsters pots. I've got a couple finished and the third one nearly done.

As far as I know all the boats that stayed in the harbour have ridden storm Eunice out ok so far. There have been plenty of trees come down and 62,000 homes in the Southwest without power.

Sennen Lifeboat Station has had a large amount of its roof ripped off.

I'm staying in and getting on with the pots, watch out for those trees!!

17th February 2022.

Five vehicles on the beach earlier dragging punts and boats out before the storm hits.

The latest from windguru is showing a peak of 7.9 tomorrow morning. I've seen worse and the wave period isn't excessively high which does make a bit of a difference. Its still going to be "interesting" in the harbour tomorrow.  🌊  🌊

I've not been able to get the fish price all week from Newlyn, but here's this morning's prices from Brixham if anyone is interested. 🐟 

15th February 2022.

Looking on the webcam there are three or four boats that have gone on the fleeting today. I'm not bothering with the size of fish out there on Sunday. 

There might be a better run of fish today, hope they do well. I'm happy to be working at home in this weather. 

No fish prices again today, I'll try again tomorrow. 

Here's the tide times for the week, I'll only be looking at when the tides out for bailing the punt and checking the moorings. Batten down the hatches, "Dudley" and the stronger "Eunice" are on their way.

14th February 2022. 

No prices available this morning but I did find out one boats mackerel landing. It was £7.67 for large medium, his boxes of medium sold separately for £3.88, £2.94, £2.07 and smalls were 70p. 

Bit fresh out there today. 

No chance of getting out deep where the bigger mackerel are for the foreseeable future. 

The ground sea is building throughout the week and peaking on Friday. 

13th February 2022.

I went down the quay a bit after the fleeting, no one had gone to sea. It wasn't looking too bad out there, bit fresh and drizzly but ok. I gave it an hour and a half in Carbis Bay where it was sheltered from the west northwest wind. The trouble with being the only boat out is you are a magnet for the seals, there were at least 15 of them just off the rocks at Porthminster point. It didn't take long for a few of them to start hassling me. There was fish there but 95% of it was small. I would have stuck it out longer if there was any good stuff. I gave up after 2 boxes of rubbish.

I'll fillet the couple of good ones and the rest will be salted down for bait. Shame the run wasn't better as I recon the prices will be good tomorrow. I'll post them around midday if I can get hold of them. 

Tight lines 🐟🐟🐟.

12th February 2022.

I couldn't get hold of the fish prices yesterday but had mine for Wednesday's catch that sold then. One box of mediums sold for nearly a pound more than the rest making the average come out at £2.25 per kilo.

Here's the latest update from windguru:-

Strong winds and heavy rain tomorrow morning but forcasted to get better at midday as the boats are coming afloat, ideal 🐟 🐟.

Two boats have gone today, I shall have a look in the shelter of the bay tomorrow, here's the tides for the week ahead:-

Plenty of wind and ground sea on the long-range forecast. Looks like I'll be working at home quite a bit next week. 

11th February 2022.

Landed Wednesday's catch yesterday, there wasn't so much on the market due to less boats going to sea. A couple that went from St Ives had 50 kilos of mediums each.

Two thirds of it was good stuff.

I didn't go yesterday as I was waiting in for a delivery, mainly the bits I need to make another 20 pots. Something to keep me busy when the weather is rubbish. 

Hopefully the mackerel prices will be a bit better this morning, I'll post them in a bit if I can get them. 🐟🐟

10th February 2022.

This morning's average market prices at Newlyn:-

9th February 2022

Crawled out of bed at 8.30 and had a look on the harbour webcam, most of the main mackerel men had gone out. When I got down the quay I counted at least a dozen boats in the bay. 

As I was coming off the moorings at 10am the first couple of early fishers were just about to land.

Think they had 6 or 7 boxes each. Apparently they had some good sized fish first thing but the run had gone small. Anglers were catching joeys off the end of the quay as I went out. I was going out deep but gave porthminster a try first. There was fish there, a mix of mediums on the bottom few hooks with smalls and "shake back joeys" above them. I had the occasional string full of mediums so stayed there for an hour and a half. Trevor on the "Bluebell" was catching close in.

I was picking away, had about 70 kilos when Dave on the "Boy Nathan" called to let me know he was catching good mediums with no smalls deeper off. I steamed out there and had about  60 kilos of good stuff before it was time to make the moorings.

It's a bit fresher from the North northwest tomorrow morning. Still workable for anyone who's keen. 

The latest update from windguru:-

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

8th February 2022.

This morning's average market prices at Newlyn:-

£5.00 for 1-2 pollack, could be tempted to give them a try on flat calm Friday.

Plenty of wind on the way after that.

I managed to sleep through 3 alarms this morning and by the time I woke up it wasn't worth going 😴. I'll have to put the alarm out of reach tonight, keen to go out deep tomorrow and search for some large mediums. Apparently there was a lot of small in the bay again this morning.

Ten years ago it use to be the "cod track", now its the whiting track. That was back when we had proper cold winters and went weeks without fishing due to the winds. Here's one of my earliest posts on this blog. I like to look back and see how things have changed.

7th February 2022.

I did a couple of hours of the ebb this morning. Most of the boats were coming in as I was going out. Some of them had around 4 or 5 boxes of good stuff. I managed 100 kilos, would have been more if there wasn't so much small in it. 

There was 33k of medium and 20 k of good smalls (nearly mediums). The rest I salted down for bait 

I'll be doing the same tomorrow, the tide is a bit later so I might do a bit better.

No market prices available for this morning's auction, hopefully I'll be able to get tomorrow's. Tight lines! 🐟🐟🐟.

6th February 2022.

Plenty of waves curling around into the bay this morning. 

The wind is going to slowly decrease throughout the day and be a gentle breeze by first light tomorrow. How early can I get up? Hmmmm.

It's going to be a workable southwesterly for 3 days and then veering northwest on Thursday, but not too fresh for the hard shutters. Next week is looking a bit colourful but could easily all change by then.

Here's the tides for the week, all early starts. Drat, drat drat....

Pot making day today. 

Hopefully the water will still be clear enough to catch in the morning, hasn't been churned up for too long so should be ok. 🐟 🐟. 

4th February 2022.

I did the low water yesterday and spent most of the ebb in the bay shaking joeys back into the water. Went out deep for the first of the flood and ended up with 54 kilos of good stuff.

I caught enough pilchards to make a landing of them, 7 kilos, thought they would have fetched 30p but someone payed £2.00 for them. 😃 

The chaps on the "Sea Maiden" from Hayle done well with about 20 boxes, they were out deep from first light.

Large mediums averaged £4.63, mediums were £2.56 and smalls 73p.

Here's the weights and prices for all the species sold on Newlyn market this morning:-

Here's the latest update from windguru:-

3rd February 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

Did a good couple of hours on the fleeting yesterday afternoon, there was a lot of small mackerel about. Had to keep moving to get out of them and find a few mediums. Loads of dolphins all over the bay, they kept swimming alongside. 

I managed to catch 52 kilos of mediums. I took the smallest smalls out and landed the decent ones. I was on the market at 10pm and there wasn't a lot of mackerel there.

Here's the latest from windguru:-

Off to do the low water today. 🐟🐟.

2nd February 2022.

Not a lot of fish on Newlyn market this morning, here are the weights and average prices:-

Doesn't look like anyone is out over low water today, I will be giving it a couple of hours on the fleeting later.

1st February 2022.

This morning's average market prices at Newlyn:-

There was only one large medium in the bit I caught on Sunday andmore herring in it than I thought.

16 kilo of herring which I expected to fetch a pound if I was lucky went for £2.74 per kilo.

Definitely didn't expect my herring to fetch more than my medium mackerel. 

Dave on the "Boy Nathan" didn't totally blank on Sunday's search for bass, one greedy joey shorter than the lure 😃. 

I'll have another go tomorrow afternoon when the wind eases down. 

Here's the latest from windguru:-

31st January 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

A bit before the boat floated yesterday I heard that the early low water men had a few bass on their mackerel lines. One of them caught 14 and kept 7. Another apparently put a bass line out and had at least a box full. I was going to go straight on the mackerel but a touch of bass fever crept in. When I floated I checked the Eastern Carrick (Porthminster point) for bass marks, nothing there. From there I steamed over to the Bezzack off Gwithian beach, nothing there. Checked another spot a bit deeper, nothing there either. Dave on the "Boy Nathan" was also looking for bass so I went to see if he was doing any better near Hayle estuary. He had towed a couple of lines for quite a distance for nothing so I went on the mackerel. Did a couple of hours for 100 kilos.

Hardly any large mediums, but quite a few good mediums. Dave went west looking for the bass but didn't have any. 

Need to get more salt in Newlyn so I iced yesterday's fish to take in today. ??

29th January 2022.

Not looking bad out there, I'll go and give it a couple of hours. 

**Didn't bother**

Went down the quay and no one else had gone, not even the "hard shutters". Just as well I turned up as my engine had move down, so I went aboard and sorted it out. Second time it's done that, need to get it looked at. For the time being I'll put the trailering locks in place.

I'll do the full tide tomorrow.

Came home and brought the first lobster pot in for repair. Only 6 weeks or so to go and I'll be watching the weather to put a few out. There was definitely more lobsters last season and I hardly saw a sized crab where I work. The IFCA survey that came in the post yesterday confirms it.

28th January 2022.

This morning's average fish prices at Newlyn:-

The mackerel prices were fairly good this morning, with smaller landings. The sample seems to have got better in the bay so I'll look at going on the fleeting tomorrow at midday. Bit fresh but the bay will be comfortable enough. Sunday is looking nice.

At the moment it looks like I'll only be doing Wednesday and Thursday next week. Could change. 

Tides are jumping so the fishing should be quite good. ? ? 

27th January 2022.

I tried it out on the deep track again yesterday but it wasn't as good as Tuesday.

Good stuff, just not enough of it.

No market prices available at the moment.

26th January 2022.

As I was leaving the harbour yesterday morning at high water one of the early boats was coming in from fishing the Eastern shore, they told me that they had only caught small stuff with the odd one or two mediums amoungst it. So I decided not to join the rest of them and had a try at Porthminster point. I stayed away from the big shoals of smalls in hope of some good stuff but couldn't find any. Only had a handful of joeys. 

Before giving up I thought I'd nip out deep and try to catch a few good sized whiting for the dinner table. I cut a couple of mackerel up and baited the bottom 5 hooks.

Dropped the line to the bottom and was on instantly, couldn't believe it when I pulled up 15 whiting and a large mackerel, they were quite good whiting as well. Didn't bother baiting the hooks any more and carried on catching away. I found a bunch of mackerel at one stage and ended up racing to make the moorings with 2 boxes of each.

The bit I had was a really good run of mackerel. 

I took the small whiting out and only landed the decent sized ones.

Ended up with 38k of whiting which I expect will only fetch pennies but there was 13k of large medium macs, 28k of mediums and only 5k of smalls. Result!

I kept the biggest for "homers", the largest mackerel weighed 0.68k (1 1/2 pound).

Off out again today, will post the prices later if I can get them.

25th January 2022. 

This morning's average market prices at Newlyn:-

24th January 2022.  

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

The mackerel prices weren't bad this morning considering the amount landed. There's about a dozen boats on it today from St Ives, I'll join them tomorrow. 

Here's the latest from windguru:-

And the tides:-

22nd January 2022.

Left the harbour at 10am yesterday for one last go at the bass until April/May. Headed up the stones, stopping on the way for a minute to check for marks on the squid ground, nothing there. At the stones I went over most of my ebb tide spots for a good 20 minutes, they were barren, didn't even bother setting the poles up. I could see a few birds working inside around Godrevy Lighthouse so steamed in there for a look. Nothing there either apart from a couple of small "feed" marks near the surface. Running out of options I headed for the Bezzack, found the first marks of the morning on the patch of rough just outside of it so set the poles up.

Had a fish straight away but it was just an undersized pollack.

Fished there for an hour for just 3 throw back pollack. After that I tried inside on the Bezzack where I had a decent sized fish on for a few seconds before it got off. Another hour after that for nothing and I'd had enough. Packed the poles away and trundled to Carbis Bay to catch a few mackerel for bait as a last resort, it was full of dolphins. 

Had them swimming with me a lot of the time.

Stunning creatures!

Best part of the day as the mackereling was rubbish. The usual huge shoals of joeys were there but no good stuff at all at the edges of the marks where they normally are. I went all around the bay a few times and didn't have a single medium! All I was doing was shaking joeys back into the water. Not going to bother today. Might go earlyish tomorrow, depending on what the others have today. Yesterday's early fishers apparently had a rubbish run as well.

Here's the latest from windguru:-

And further ahead:-

Tides for the week:-

21st January 2022.

This morning's market and at Newlyn:-

I'm out polling at the moment, one small pollack in half an hour so far, will update tonight or in the morning. ???

20th January 2022.

Quantities go down and the prices go up.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

19th January 2022. 

Medium mackerel were down to 65p on average this morning. Prices for all the other species are fairly low as well. A few small dabs and small megrim 1p per kilo! The big mackerel are still worth finding at £3.22 though. 

Here's the latest from windguru, an extremely calm weekend coming up.

18th January 2022.

No prices from Newlyn today but I have heard that medium mackerel were between 60p to 90p per kilo. I've salted all of yesterday's down and will be doing other things for a couple of days. I'm tempted to do a low water up the stones on Friday to see if there's any bass or even a few pollack to be had. I'll post the fish prices tomorrow if they are available. ??

17th January 2022. 

Mackerel and more mackerel.

Bit like a stuck record at the moment, plenty there and decent weather to go and catch them. There is a change appeared on the forecast for Wednesday, it won't effect the early birds, they can fill their boxes and be in by 9am.

It's all good after that though. 

I'll post this morning's prices if I can get them in a bit.

I've been told that medium mackerel were 80p to a £1.00 this morning.?. 

16th January 2022.

Quite a few low water boats queuing for the one working crane while I was waiting to float yesterday. The other crane has been out of action since before Christmas, it started giving electric shocks!

They all had plenty of fish again. 

I did a quick trip for 6 boxes. They were a good run.

21k large medium, 98k medium and 38s.

While I was on the market lastnight, one of the ring netters brought in a nice tuna of 147 kilos, that might fetch £1,000.

The plan is to do pretty much the same again today. ? ?. 

14th January 2022.

Prices update:-

I got down the quay on time yesterday for the first time this week. Another spring like day, perfect.

The main mackerel men had gone from the end of the quay and were already filling up lots of boxes. I got into some good fish straight away, had a string full of big ones part my 80lb backing out which was a pain. Did a couple of hours for 160 kilos, that was enough for me. Really good run, 39k large medium, 100k medium and only 21k of small. Ideal ?. 

Day off today and back on it again tomorrow. My kind of tides coming up, pm ones ?. 

I'll post the market prices in a bit if I can get them. ?. 

13th January 2022.

Sunny and calm out there yesterday. The best of the fishing was as soon as the boats floated, which I managed to miss again ??.

Lots of marks which had good mackerel on the edges of them. 

I had a few boxes before it went quiet. Picked the big ones out and salted the rest. Here's this morning's prices:-

12th January 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

At those prices I made £100 yesterday.

Off out again now to try and do a bit better. 

11th January 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

The mackerel prices weren't as good as I hoped, the bit I had yesterday would have made about £50. 

I fished a bit earlier in the tide today and had 80 kilos. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better. ?

10th January 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

The tide was a bit early for me this morning, I struggled to get out of bed, it will be better as the week goes on ?. 

Plenty of boats went first thing, they would have got away at about 7.30ish.

I eventually got the hooks in the water at 10am. Found a mark off porthminster point straight away and had quite a few half strings of good stuff. That was it, went dead and most of the boats headed in. From what a saw they had about 4 to 6 boxes per man. I packed up soon after with about 28 kilos.

I shall have to drag myself out of bed earlier tomorrow. The prices should be good, there wasn't any mackerel on this morning's market, that's rare for a Monday.

The high pressure is definitely hanging around for some time. 

At the moment it looks workable for at least the next 9 days.

Tight lines ? ? ?. 

9th January 2022.

Half a dozen boats tried the mackerel yesterday. The water was murky in places and the good marks had gone. I know one boat only had half a box and most of that was small. I don't think anybody tried this morning after yesterday's attempt. There will be a few out tomorrow morning, including me, seeing if it's got any better. If we can find a few the prices should be up. ?. 

8th January 2022. 

Tides for the week:-

Latest from windguru:-

Should be a busy week ahead:-

7th January 2022.

This morning's market prices at Newlyn:-

6th January 2022.

As expected the mackerel price did drop this morning but was still good considering that there was nearly 6,000 kilos up for auction, mediums £50 per box.

Here's all the quantities and prices of everything auctioned this morning at Newlyn:-

When I got down the quay yesterday afternoon, 6 of the 8 boats out over low were full up and waiting for water in.

I know one of them had 1,300 kilos onboard!

I went and did my hour and a half untill dark, the run wasn't quite as good as Monday's, shook a fair few minis back in. I would have held onto the six boxes I had for Friday's market but the ice machine on the quay isn't working again. All the harbour boxes in Newlyn were full of mackerel, I had to use the greys. Ended up with 91 kilos of good stuff out of 155.

That will do me until Sunday. 

The next few days are looking quite poor, with plenty of ground sea on the way.

It's not looking too bad all next week with high pressure forcasted to hang about, should get a few trips in.

5th January 2022.

Monday's 157 kilos sold this morning for a bit over £500.

Smalls were £1.30, medium were £3.50 and £3.60, large medium were £6.01.

There is a few more boats out over low water today, most of them fishing in the ebb tide off the Island. 

I have put "Last Light" against the quay to go for the last hour and a half of daylight. It looks like PJ has already filled his boxes. He was anchoring up by 11 o'clock.

There's going to be quite a lot mackerel on the market tonight so a drop in the prices is expected. I'll update later, or tomorrow if I don't have time. Tight lines ? ?. 

4th January 2022.

Only three boats did the low water yesterday, they had around 900 kilos each. "Girl Cherry" picked up a rope around the prop and missed the tide and went on the afternoon flood. It was only us two out there.

The run of fish was good, but there was a lot of seal hassle. I didn't loose any gear to them but they kept scattering the shoals. Took me an hour and a half to fill 6 boxes.

With the weather being bad today I kept yesterday's catch on ice and landed them this afternoon. There was only another 150 kilos from one boat on the market. Hopefully they will fetch a bit more tomorrow. I heard that this morning's price was quite good, around £2.60 for mediums, can't confirm that though. 

Yesterday's catch was 13.5k large medium, 105k medium and 39 small.

The ring netters have been filling up in Mount's Bay, hopefully it will keep Danny on the "Golden Harvest" away from our bay ?. 

Here's the latest from windguru:-

3rd January 2022.

The couple of boats that did the early low water yesterday had about 500 kilos per man. By the time I got out there on the flood the wind had freshened up a lot. Luckily for me there were plenty of good fish close in off Porthminster Point. I filled up 6 boxes in an hour. Landed it all on the market.

13k of large mediums, 111k of mediums and 54k of good smalls.

I'm off out to have a few more on the fleeting. Looking like a day off tomorrow and maybe a low water on Wednesday. 

2nd January 2022. 

A couple of early birds out this morning, filled up and waiting for tide in. ? ?. 

I'm going now to catch a few boxes. 

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